Cycling and cycle sports are by their nature dangerous and accidents can occur to participants – COG Velo require all members to maintain their own equipment, and obey the rules of the road. A cycling proficiency course is advised. To assist all road users, members and participants in events should ensure they wear a helmet and other protective clothing as deemed necessary.

All rides are at your own risk. COG Velo cannot be held liable for any injury, loss or damage caused or sustained as a result of participation in club activities. Please ensure that you have your own third party insurance (check your house insurance) and consider  CTC or British Cycling membership.

For riders under 16 years of age helmets are compulsory and such riders must have a consent from their parent or guardian, and have a nominated responsible adult rider in the group with them on the ride. Riders under 16 years old must be a member of another BC affiliated club to ride with COG Velo (eg Discovery Dundee). COG Velo do not accept members under the age of 16.

Information Usage
COG Velo respects the importance of your privacy and will not collect personal information when you access the web site homepage and browse the web site contents.
COG Velo will only use personal information to provide you with COG Velo services. Personal information will not be passed onto third parties.

Disclosure of Information
Your personal information will be retained by COG Velo for as long as you are a member or for three years after deciding not to renew your membership.

Internet Security
Confidential emails sent to COG Velo which are not encrypted may be subject to a possible security risk over the Internet for which COG Velo takes no responsibility.

Children aged 16 or under wishing to provide personal details to COG Velo should get their parent/guardian’s permission to do so.

COG Velo links to other websites
COG Velo websites may have links to other third parties websites, we cannot accept any responsibility for the content of such links which do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of COG Velo.