Etape Loch Ness

chris 5. May 2014 Comments Off on Etape Loch Ness
Etape Loch Ness

Results and photos are up from the Ist Etape Loch Ness on Sunday.

Results and offical photos

In the papers and on tv – COG is on a roll this year! BBC News Video / News article.

Other photographs: Alba in Focus and Etape Loch Ness

Well done to all who took part at the weekend, the photos look amazing – very scenic Inverness route. I heard the climb was a bit tougher than most people expected. Superb effort from the Crawfords, Steve 15th overall and Fran 5th overall in the ladies category.

Rest up and have a beer or glass of wine you have earned it.
COG Velo


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