COG Ride 13th Sept

chris 13. September 2013 Comments Off on COG Ride 13th Sept
COG Ride 13th Sept

2 damaged bikes and 1 damaged person (Pedro – speedy recovery mate)!

Very eventful COG ride last night. Russell front wheel damaged when his battery pack fell on it – hopefully not to bad.

Pedro came a croper in the dark while heading back home. He wiped out at some road works just after Inchture junction! Hit a 3 inch drop in the tarmac and next thing the bike is side ways and he is sliding along the ground at 20mph+. Result is some road rash, holy bibs and a bent rear derailleur hanger. Punctured front tyre and torn bar tape.

Other than all of that it was a good ride in the wet and dark.

Inchture > Abernyte > Kinrossie > North Ballo > Abernyte > Inchture
Distance: 36.5km
Elevation: 500m

Good ride folks!
COG Velo

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