Strathpuffer 24hr Enduro

chris 16. January 2014 Comments Off on Strathpuffer 24hr Enduro
Strathpuffer 24hr Enduro

Beware Crazy Coggers Alert!

This weekend will see 2 teams of Crazy Coggers heading up north to Strathpeffer near Inverness to take on the mighty Strathpuffer 24 hour mountain bike race. Temperatures will be between -10 and +10 making it very cold and yes there is snow and ice – brrr!

So what does it involve? Basically you do as many laps of the course (7 miles) as you can within the allotted time 24 hours. Aswell as riding constantly you have to eat, keep warm and stop your bike from breaking under the brutal conditions. Who needs sleep anyway?

If anyone is interested in following the event live:
Strathpuffer 24 hr Enduro live

We also have to wish the mad man Robbie best of luck as he is taking on the race as a solo entry – NUTTER!

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