COG TDT 20th March

chris 21. March 2014 Comments Off on COG TDT 20th March
COG TDT 20th March

Fast boys were out for a good blast last night – no holding back. Pedro putting the hurt on Pedro-style. I’m sure everyone felt it! Weather started getting bad as we crossed the Tay road bridge on our way back to Inchture – very wet. Hope you made it back in one piece Nick 😉

Inchture >Rait > Scone > Perth > Brideg of Earn > Abernethy > Newburgh > Gauldry > Wormit > New-port-on-tay > Dundee > Invergowrie > Inchture
Distance: 85km
Elevation: 700m

Smashing effort guys!
COG Velo

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