COG Ride 3rd April

chris 4. April 2014 Comments Off on COG Ride 3rd April
COG Ride 3rd April

Last night was a test run of our COG Time Trial event on 24th April 2014. It went very well with some quick times too!

Results from our TT test route:

Ballindean > Glendoick

Pedro 24.30
Paul 26.54
Pete 27.01
Neil 27.16
Ben U 27.18
Brian 28.10
Nico 28.11
Jay 28.39
Olly 28.55
Russel 29.22
Ben F 29.39
Katie 29.44
Distance: 30km
Elevation: 168m

Thanks to everyone for taking part, and for their pain and suffering tonight.
COG Velo

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